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If you’re anything like me you can’t get enough of our favourite subject: speculative fiction. Apart from reading whatever books I can read and I try and keep up with up my massive list of blogs in my Google Reader. In addition I click on loads of links in my Twitter stream. After getting my iPhone last January and consequently iTunes, I decided to check out some podcasts, so I had something to listen to during my bike ride to and from work and during chores like folding the laundry, when I need both my hands. The podcasts I’ve been catching up on so far are both of the talk show (sort of) variety, by both bloggers and publishers, and the audio short fiction kind and I’ve been having a blast listening to them. And since I’ve been enjoying them so much, I thought I’d share them with you as you might like them too!

The Functional Nerds
The Functional Nerds is a weekly show hosted by Patrick Hester and John Anealio, featuring an interview with a broad range of SFF writers or other nerdy people. They are always entertaining, but some of my fave interviews were the ones with Blake Charlton, Peter V. Brett, Mike Resnick and Cherie Priest.

SF Signal
This is actually two shows per week. One is a round table discussion with the SF Signal Irregulars and always features an interesting topic. They recently had a mega-panel show on the Borders bankruptcy, which is definitely worth a listen. The second show is an interview with an SFF writer and these are always very interesting as well. Faves here were the interviews with Brent Weeks, Sam Sykes and Pam Sargeant.

Shh, I’m Reading
This podcast is hosted by the lovely Adele Wearing and Gav from Gavreads. It’s only had one episode so far, but it was great and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Angry Robot Podcast
The Angry Robot Podcast is hosted by Mur Lafferty and features interviews with Angry Robot authors, such as Lauren Beukes, Kaaron Warren, Guy Adams, Aliette de Bodard and Maurice Broaddus.

Orbit Podcast
The Orbit podcast has so far featured interviews with Joe Abercrombie and Jesse Bullington. It’s only two shows in and is presented by Jack Womack.

Abbadon and Solaris Podcast
This podcast is usually hosted by either David Moore or Jon Oliver and discusses what is going on at Abbadon Towers, such as upcoming books and author interviews.

Escape Pod
A weekly show, Escape Pod features Science Fiction short stories and flash fiction. The few stories I’ve listened to so far are great, with a special shout out for N.K. Jemisin’s L’Alchemista and Blake Charlton’s Endosymbiont

Podcastle is Escape Pods sister site and features weekly Fantasy short stories and flash fiction.

Dark Fiction Magazine
Dark Fiction Magazine is a monthly magazine featuring four short stories connected by a communal theme.

The only ones I’m completely up to speed with are the first five, but I’m working on the other ones and I’ll catch up eventually! So how about you? Do you listen to podcasts regularly? And recommendations?


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  1. Thanks for these! If the weather ever warms up, I plan to do some walking, and I always like having an interesting podcast to listen to.

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