Testing A, B, C…

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m not sure where to start, but let’s start with the obvious; why A Fantastical Librarian?

Well that one is easy, I’m a librarian (or more specifically an information specialist) and I love the fantastical. When I was 14 I fell in love with the fantasy genre and I’ve been reading ever since. I’ve since learned to appreciate SF and a bit of horror too. A dash of crime, a splash of chick lit and a big dollop of historical fiction find its way on to the reading pile too, but mainly it’s been fantasy all the way.

During the early stages of my pregnancy I was nauseous 24/7 and so my other hobby (tagging graphics in PSP) went in to the cooler since I couldn’t sit behind the pc for more than 5 minutes (especially after having spent 8 hours behind a monitor at work), thus I turned my hand to finally reading all those books in my bookcases I hadn’t read yet. At the time they numbered around a hundred. For some reason that pile still numbers about 64 books and I did read around 96 books since July 2009… isn’t it strange how that works? But at least it jumpstarted my reading again.

Anyway, in January of this year I started to re-read G.R.R.M.’s A Sword of Ice and Fire series and wondering whether book 5 was on the horizon yet, I started googling for info. Through this search I landed on several book blogs. I started reading those and I was hooked. What fun! Here were people who got it, they got the love of reading and more importantly they got the lure of the fantastic and SF. And what was even better they had these great recommendations on what was currently out there and had to be read. (Seeing the clues as to why my reading pile is still huge?) I love reading the blogs and it made my reading experience so much richer, especially once I started not just to read but to interact as well, mostly via Twitter, but commenting on the blogs too. But I never thought I’d actually start my own blog, mostly because I know I’m really bad at keeping up a diary, so how would I be able to keep up a blog?

Cue my new job. Last Monday I started my new job as an information specialist at Leiden University Libraries. As part of my tasks, I was assigned (or rather I volunteered) to do the up-keep of the Leiden2.0 course. Having never followed it, I decided I’d better, since if I have to be able to explain it to people, I’d better know what’s in it right? Right. So I started. And lo and behold lesson two was start a blog. Start a blog? Well, if I’m going to start a blog I’d better do something useful with it and thus was born A Fantastical Librarian.

So here we are. What will you be able to find here? Mostly posts about the books I read. Will they always be shiny new books? Probably not, since I have this backlog called my TBR-pile. After I read the books I’ve bought recently, I’ll be going back to those books that have been waiting to be read, sometimes for years. There will even be some English classics, which I bought when I was writing my (never finished) M.A. thesis. And there might even be some librarian-ish posts, if I find that there is something interesting I want to share.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure; I hope I’ll make it interesting for you!


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  1. Hey, a Dutch book blogger! I'm going to subscribe to your blog straight away. I know a few, but too few book bloggers here in the Netherlands.

    Best wishes, Judith

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